• Sommer courses from 16 July in Aschaffenburg.


    Campus Movie Nights: 25 July – 5 August 2012
    Bach Festival: 28 July -5 August 2012
    Handicrafts Festival: 4 + 5 August 2012

    Afrika-Karibik-Festival: 9 August - 12 August 2012

  • Berlin:


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Enjoy learning German in Germany in a short term German course for daily conversation.

Meet other tourists in Berlin and Aschaffenburg during a 5-day language course in the morning and common cultural activities in the evening.

  • Learn how to master everyday situations
  • Polish up your German before your trip
  • Useful phrases for beginners
  • Enjoy the evening with other participants
  • Useful travel advisory

Groups for participants of from 25 years of age; Class size between 3 – 12 members. Please find location and dates under „Courses“.

Organised groups for participants of over 16 years of age; please contact us with your specific requests (date, location). In 2012 we only offer courses in Aschaffenburg and Berlin.