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Aschaffenburg with its population of 70,000 is a local cultural hub and as well as a gateway to the Spessart region. Due to its mild climate it has been called the “Bavarian Nice”. In 957 Duke Liudolf of Swabia founded the first church of Aschaffenburg, the Stiftskirche St. Peter und Alexander (the Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Alexander). The most fabulous attraction of Aschaffenburg - and by many considered its landmark - is without doubt Schloss Johannisburg (Johannisburg Castle) which also holds the State Gallery, the largest branch of the Bavarian State Picture Collection, famous for the paintings of Lucas Cranach the Elder and Rubens. The Cranach collection is regarded as the most distinguished in Europe. The castle’s eastern tower features a carillon consisting of 48 bells that ring three times a day. The historical old city of Aschaffenburg sprawls between the castle and the collegiate church and offers a large variety of traditional German restaurants and taverns. The vineyards of Franconia extend from Aschaffenburg along the Main river all the way to Bamberg. The region of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg is known for its white wine, but is in particular famous for its exquisite red wine, Portugieser as well as Burgunder on a par with the most famed Chardonnay. The Franconian red wine region can be explored along the 55km Red Wine Hiking Trail. The environs of Aschaffenburg offer a lot of local wine festivals and opportunities to taste local wine.

Location: About 40 km south of Frankfurt/Main
Train connections: Frankfurt Airport – Aschaffenburg Central Station: 35 minutes (by ICE)

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